How to Decorate a Christmas Table and room

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Some Tips How to Decorate a Christmas Table and room

It is easy to decorate a table to be as lovely as the rest of your house.
Create the main centerpiece, keeping in mind the height so that it doesn’t interrupt conversation.
You can use a candle or greenery if you prefer an organic look.

Use items you have on hand to save money
Leftover ornaments such as balls and bells make nice centerpieces scattered along the table.
Ribbons placed along the centerpiece add a touch of color.

Decide on the color scheme.
Do you want the traditional red and green colors on your table or would you prefer white?
You might want to consider using a nontraditional color scheme for your table.
The colors you choose should work with the style of your dining room.

If you have Christmas dishes, it will add a nice touch.
Decorate the garland with mini battery-operated Christmas lights, tinsel, and ornaments.
Great places to hang such garlands include above your bed, over your window, around your ceiling
You can get ones that plug into an outlet or battery-operated ones.

If you use tape to hang up your lights, try to use clear; it will be less visible on your wall.
Consider matching the lights to your room and decorations. For example, if your room has a lot of cool colors,
try getting blue or clear lights.
If your room has a lot of warm colors, try getting white or multi-colored lights.

If you can’t put up a lot of decorations, you can still make your room feel more festive by
bringing in scented candles, wax melts, or potpourri. You don’t even have to light candles;
many scented candles are potent enough on their own.

If you are getting candles, consider displaying three different-sized ones on a red, green,
gold, or silver candle charger/plate.

Not all Christmas decorations have to be store-bought.

Homemade ones can have their charm too.
If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, or just like to be crafty, you can make some of your own decorations
and display them in your room.
Try to keep your color scheme and theme consistent.

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