Silk Ribbon Embroidery

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Silk ribbon embroidery dates back to the 17th century. France appears to have been the first to use it. In the 1700’s, silk ribbon embroidery gowns took months to stitch, so only royalty and the ladies of the court could afford such expensive decorations, produced by official embroidery workshops. Silk ribbon embroidery has changed considerably in the last few decades .Ribbon embroidery is one of the most stunning embroidery techniques in that it results in elegant, luxurious, three-dimensional designs that easily finish off an heirloom item. Ribbon embroidery as a creative needle art requires patience and practiceThere are also good ribbon embroidery stitch books and online guides available. Pure silk ribbon is often a suggested preferred ribbon but there are other good quality ribbon types available, including rayon, satin. Make each silk or satin flower individually…

The results are inspiring, and it can be seen combined with beading, freestyle embroidery, charms, metallic threads, quilting, hand-dyeing, painting, ribbon burning and applique.